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Changes to the Immigration Rules - July 2013


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New VISA changes from 1st of July 2013s


We are Legal Consultants over 25 years’ experience in the legal profession in Sri Lanka and ‘Solicitors’ in England and Wales since 1991. We are professional Lawyers for Immigration Laws in many countries working jointly with accomplished educationists such as ‘Senior Lecturers and University Professors’. We are established all over the world where our Team Lawyers and Partner Lawyers get together in case by case. That’s the reason SFA is different from many consultants and the reason of being in the front of both ‘Student Recruitment’ and ‘Migration’ professions. SFA has been appointed as the ‘Regional Office’ in Sri Lanka for UK and Chinese Universities where SFA is working with it’s ‘Umbrella Network’ of other ‘Agents’ in the education sector. SFA is the pioneer and only consultant in Sri Lanka advice the general public through ‘Television Media’ for all countries in the world. SFA provides free Immigration Law advisory service to other agents in their difficulties.


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We are Experts of Student Visas to all countries as we are Migration Lawyers and handle all student cases as accordance with the Immigration Law Requirements of those countries. We handle all visa categories with ‘ZERO’ refusals principal with our dedicated team of Lawyers for all Visa Extensions, Dependent Visa, Family Visa, Post Study Work Visa, Work Permit Visa, HSMP Visa, Visit Visa, Tourist Visa, Business Visa, Medical Visa, Sports Visa, Spouse Visa, Settlement Visa, FLR Applications, Diplomatic Visas, Emergency Visas, Appeals and Administrative Reviews for All Refusals, Asylum Visa and Humanitarian Visas.


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